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Wooden Shoes Marken Blue White

Wooden Shoe Factory Marken

Wooden Shoes Marken Blue White


To Order your wooden shoes in the proper size: 

1.     Trace your foot on a piece of paper. (one foot may be slightly larger, if so use the larger for best fit).

2.     In centimeters, measure the outline from toe to heel.

3.     To this measurement, add one cm for comfort.

4.     The USA size conversion shown above is typical. However, your careful measurement will more accurately determine your size.

5.     If you are not sure about your size, call us 0031 (0)299601250

Wooden shoes should not fit tightly. After you insert your foot, there should be a gap the width of your thumb between your heel and the back of the wooden shoe.

You should also wear a heavy pair of wool socks for comfort. If your wooden shoes are a bit too large, you can add a second to tighten up the fit.

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